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We can’t change the entire industry, but we believe can make a difference for our employees and customers.

Hat and Beyond was founded in 2014 with an ambitious goal to disrupt basic products.
   As an experienced shopper and an experienced designer, Louis, Founder and CEO of Hat and Beyond, saw that the market lacks what people want - high-quality and approachable basic item with hint of fashion. Fashion market in the U.S. had either overpriced basics or low-quality cheap items.
Our advantages

  As Los Angeles native brand, our company serves far beyond California and North America. We are recognized for our high-end detailing, approachable price, and progressive designs. Our company features the most advanced clothing technology by partnering with local suppliers in the U.S. and handpicked overseas manufacturers.

  Hat and Beyond is a brand registered seller in both Amazon and Walmart. Our quantity of orders and experience allow us to provide customers free shipping with in-house customer service by professionally trained full time team members.

Our promise, Our mission

  Company’s core mission resonates with growth - growth of individual employees, growth of the company, and growth of the product quality. At Hat and Beyond, we believe that it is company’s responsibility to grow and share the growth with employees and the community.

  And because Hat and Beyond was founded to provide two simple yet significant elements in our lives: clothes and homes, it is our ambitious promise to become a home for employees and accountable wardrobe for our customers. As long as we as a company and individuals of the company strive to grow, we can accomplish our mission.

Full of Ideas
We are fully staffed with passionate and creative individuals who are constantly crafting new ideas.
Uniquely Los Angeles
Los Angeles Native Company who is aware of its unique locality as well as its importance in global context. 
Always Improving
We are a company that listens and communicates with customers first, industry second - always seeking to improve