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Beyond the Look: 4 Fresh Ideas to Style Your Cargo Shorts This Summer

Beyond the Look: 4 Fresh Ideas to Style Your Cargo Shorts This Summer

When you think of versatile clothes, denim jeans and chino shorts often come to mind. But, there’s another, less celebrated contender for “Most Versatile” in the fashion superlatives: cargo shorts. Yes, that’s not a misprint. With its relaxed fit and never-gets-old practicality, cargo shorts can be worn and styled in endless ways that remain classic. They can pair with almost any piece in your wardrobe, quickly transforming your look for any occasion. Without further ado, here are a few easy ways to get the most out of your cargo shorts this summer season.


Stayin’ Cool

Headed to the beach or lake this summer? Make the most of your fun in the sun by keeping it chill with your favorite tank top.   

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Keep It Simple

Life is already so complicated; why bring your outfit into the chaos? A basic, one-color tee offers the right amount of comfort and simplicity when paired with your cargo shorts.

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Day for Night

You know that time in the afternoon when the day cools down but not enough for a jacket? Put on a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve raglan shirt (pictured here) to compliment your cargo shorts to keep you warm transitioning into evening. This shirt also underscores the versatility of cargo shorts, making for the perfect, casual look for an easy night out with friends at the local neighborhood bar.  

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Warm and Fuzzy

When the night arrives and you want to keep the fun going, bring a hoodie or zip-up jacket and layer over your tank top or tee. Guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy, whether you’re cuddling up in front of a toasty bonfire or rocking it out at Lollapalooza or one of the many outdoor music festivals this summer.

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We would love to see your ideas for how to style cargo shorts! Show us your look on Instagram @hatandbeyond using #beyondlove 


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